New Space Standards to PD developments

The Government has announced the new Regulations. According to them, all new Permitted Development schemes will need to comply with National Minimum Space Standards. More specifically: “There are certain developers who have provided housing under national permitted development rights, which is below an acceptable standard, and as a result we have introduced a requirement that all new homes delivered under permitted development rights are no smaller than 37 square metres and meet the nationally described space standards, to ensure that homes are suitable for all occupiers.

The new requirements will apply to all PD rights for changes of use to residential units, including converting units above a shop (Class G rights), and to the new PD rights for demolishing and rebuilding with extensions or roof extensions. The new Regulations will come into force on 3rd December 2020, however property developers will have until 6th April 2021 to submit their applications for Prior Approval, after which the National Space Standards will apply to their scheme.

You can read the new regulations here:

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