10 things you need to consider before extending your home

Deciding that you and your family have outgrown your house is easy. Deciding to actually do an extension, not so much. Here are 10 things you should consider before making a decision on whether you can take on an extension or not:

1. Budget

There are numerous online calculators that can give you a rough idea of the construction cost of your project. But there are some hidden costs that you should take into account as they can add up:

Measured survey

Architect’s fee

Structural engineer’s fee

Party Wall Surveyor’s fee, if your house is a semi-detached or terraced

Other consultants’ fees, depending on the property there may be needed a number of consultants such as Arboriculturist, Transport Consultant etc [you can ask your architect to list these]

Planning application fee

Building Regulation Approval fee


Self-build insurance

Thames Water Agreement

Waste removal

Landscape/Garden works

2. Adding value

Any works done to a property can add value, or not. It is very important to understand that not all alterations or extensions actually increase the selling price of your house. Extensions and loft conversions are expensive, but in many cases they can reward your investment when it comes to selling.

How much value you add will depend on the quality of the work, if there are any additional rooms created, and what is the maximum price in your area. This means that there is a limit on how much a property can sell. It is a good idea to talk with your local estate agents to see for what price similar homes with extensions are selling at around you.

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New Space Standards to PD developments

The Government has announced the new Regulations. According to them, all new Permitted Development schemes will need to comply with National Minimum Space Standards. More specifically: “There are certain developers who have provided housing under national permitted development rights, which is below an acceptable standard, and as a result we have introduced a requirement that all new homes delivered under permitted development rights are no smaller than 37 square metres and meet the nationally described space standards, to ensure that homes are suitable for all occupiers.

The new requirements will apply to all PD rights for changes of use to residential units, including converting units above a shop (Class G rights), and to the new PD rights for demolishing and rebuilding with extensions or roof extensions. The new Regulations will come into force on 3rd December 2020, however property developers will have until 6th April 2021 to submit their applications for Prior Approval, after which the National Space Standards will apply to their scheme.

You can read the new regulations here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/1243/made

Do you own a property but you are not sure how the new PD rights can affect your possible extension? Contact us to discuss how we can help!